Greenhouse Gas Emissions Estimation ('Carbon Footprinting')

Contact us to discuss your unique GHG Footprint and project requirements.

Our GHG Emission Estimation Services include:

GHG Inventory Development (ISO 14064-1)

Our team will support you in creating a comprehensive GHG inventory by conducting thorough data collection, analysis, and verification processes.

The meticulous approach guarantees precise quantification of emissions across different scopes, according to your needs.

Our GHG Estimation Services are always assessed against the ISO 14064-3 criteria of Relevance, Completness, Consistency, Accuracy and Transparency.

Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG Emission Assessments

Apex Emission Testing has successfully provided GHG Emission Estimation Services for various indutries from:

* Direct GHG Emissions (Scope 1), through

* Energy and Indirect Emissions (Scope 2), to

* Other Upstream and Downstream Indirect GHG Emissions (Scope 3).

We are able to assist you and advise on which "Scopes" to include, depending on your specific requirements.

GHG Reporting and Disclosure

Whether you require reporting for Discloure and Corporate Responsibility or to meet your Legislated Reporting Requirements (SAGERS), we have you covered.

Our GHG Inventories and Reports can also serve as inputs and traceability for your Carbon Offsetting Projects (ISO 14064-2 and 3)

Be sure to Contact us, or visit our Remote Sensing Services page for how we are able to assist with MRV for afforestation/reforestation projects.

Performance Monitoring and Target Setting

The so-called "Base Year" serves as a critical reference point for performance monitoring, enabling your organisation to assess GHG Emissions reductions progress and take necessary actions to achieve emission reduction targets.

Apex Emission Testing will retain, and re-use, GHG Emissions Estimation procedures used for your base year, so as to ensure Relevance, Completness, Consistency, Accuracy and Transparency.