Geographic Information Science & Remote Sensing Services

APEX Emission Testing is proud to present our customers with the following unique services

Environmental Assessments using Satellite derived Remote Sensing Data

Article - What is remote sensing? - A simplified technical explanation.

Thermography Services

Infrared Scanning - Electrical, Moisture, Plumbing, Insulation & Mechanical Assessments.

Mapping and GIS using drone based Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is a technique used to create accurate 3D models, or measurements, of objects or environments, using photographs from different angles.

Apex Emission Testing's in-house developed process of photogrammetry, involves image acquisition using a drone mounted 4K resolution camera, followed by computer aided image processing, triangulation, point and mesh generation.

Using this point cloud and mesh data, supplemented with satellite derived terrain data, a Digital Terrain Model and Digital Surface Model are derived, to which stand specific allometric equations are applied, resulting in the Carbon in biomass being quantified for the study site.

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